Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beautiful Big 4SS

I was born on August 20th 1985, Leos RAWK!! I was raised in Brazil and have been in the US for 10 years. My family means the world to me. My dream is to have a little girl one day!! I want to dress her all in pink :) :) My life is simply amazing. Each and everyday is a blessing. I love the night life, reading great books, makeup is my passion, music is my therapy, I loooooove house/lounge music at ALL times!! I'm a loner pretty much but I do love the very few friends that i have. I'm family/goal oriented, smart, beautiful, genuine, driven, ambitious, loving and caring.... There are more positive things but I couldnt fit them all in here :) I can count on my fingers how many great people I have met in my life. I try not to let my history interfere with my destiny and although I always analyze my actions, I still make mistakes, but I try my best to learn from them. I'm a girly girl, I looove fashion and my favorite color is pink. I have a good heart, I'm a thankful person and I don't settle for anything less than I deserve. I love to learn... To me knowledge and beauty are power. I'm learning to give people a second chance cause no one is perfect. Loving all that I can, smiling away my days and dreaming away my nights... I'm always looking for ways to improve, ways to succeed and to not let nothing or nobody get in the way of my goals and dreams...

As I'm maturing, I'm learning that no matter what your problem is, someone out there is and always will be fighting a harder battle... So I'm always thankful for EVERYTHING! I try to count my blessings instead of troubles... Being aware of the person who has nothing to lose... see through the problem and finding a solution. Those who gossip to you, will gossip about you! Don't believe everything that you hear because some day the story will be about you! I'd never waste an opportunity to tell someone I love them. I'm not afraid to fall in love... After all, what's the purpose in life anyway? **Having faith and hope make things possible...**


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