Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beautiful Texas 4SS

Nichole Jackson has modeling interests in promotional work, as well as Event host.
She’s also a swimwear model and has a new interest in acting. You’d be interested
to know she holds a master degree as a professional shopper. Nicole Jackson was
born and raised in Dallas Texas, she wants to give a huge shout out to "the boys"
(Cowboys that is ) Nichole Jackson is a huge sports fan, loves the Dallas Cowboys,
Miami Heat, LA Clippers, & the Miami Dolphins. Her 2nd obsession is fast cars.
She can be a real speed demon when you put her behind
the wheel of a 69' Camero, with a little nitrous or a Z06 Corvette 6 shift!!! Nichole Jackson
is seriously considering a move to Sunny California. Loves to travel to new places,
boating & scuba diving. I thank her for taking time to shoot with me and making this a
great feature.


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