Thursday, July 9, 2009

Find Her in Bali Beach

Just returned from our fabulous bali vacation. It was perfect in every way. We stayed at the Pavilions and the accomodations were firstrate. The Singapore airlines flight to Denpasar was good too. They treat travelers much better than on domestic airlines, with good food, served frequently and lots of courtesy and respect. The Balinese are very friendly and happy to see tourists. They are very poor and are still feeling the effects of the Kuta bombing. Everywhere we went, folks wanted to know where we were from and again and again said how much they loved Americans. We never ran into any anti-american sentiment. We never would of gone to Bali if we had not found this package thru Our travel agent in Bali was very concerned for our comfort and called several times to make sure all was going well. I cannot recommend Bali enough. We'll definately go back.


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