Thursday, February 19, 2009

Theresa Correra Bumpy B00bs

Theresa Correa, Welcome to my MySpace Page. I was born in Baltimore,Maryland ON January 1st 1984.though modeling it is a part time thing I do with my spare time. My days are spent between the lights and action of The Big Apple and the peace and quiet of the carribean i mostly travel. That is pretty much the duality of my life; sometimes glitz and glam yet a lot of the time low-key and simple. I find myself on both ends of the spectrum.....

That you get what you give. If you surround yourself with negative vibes & negative people you attract that into your life. I've realized I am in control of what happens TO me and around me. I thank my lucky stars I am happy, healthy and loved. For now that is enough for me. God Family Friends Career...those four make me a VERY happy woman.

To excel at everything I set my mind to. gracing the covers and layouts of many popular magazines. Some credits that i would love to include is STUFF Magazine, Esquire Magazine, Maxim, FHM,Tap Out Magazine, MMA Sports Magazine, KnockOut Magazine, Hyphy, Streetball, Strobe and more. I also want to represent brands such as Roca Wear, The UFC, MMA, Hawaiin Tropic, Tap Out and more. I reign as STUFF Magazine's top 101 Hottest Women of the Internet among models such as Carmen Electra and Vida Guerra.

For all the love and support I have received from my friends.and eventhough i lost all those friend when i used to be hacked,i had Over 2.5 million profile views and counting!!! You are a big pat of what keeps me going, and I hope to have you come back over and over again! I wish you all continued love, happiness & luck. The sky is truly the limit.

- Theresa Correa-


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